Article 1– NAME

The name of the Fellowship shall be “The London Dental Fellowship”.

Article 2 – OBJECT

The Fellowship shall be a forum for registered members of the dental

profession to meet on a Regular basis, for the interchange of ideas, and to

further their knowledge of Dentistry and related subjects.

Article 3 - MEMBERSHIP

1.There shall be a minimum of twenty, and a maximum of forty-five Members.

2. In order to promote the aims of the Fellowship, Members are expected to

attend as many meetings as possible in the absence of exceptional

circumstances; failure to attend at least four meetings in any one season will

lead to review of membership by the Committee.

3.Applicants for Membership shall apply to the Secretary in writing, and

shall be nominated and seconded by existing Members. To be eligible for

Membership, a candidate must have been qualified for a minimum of ten

years. A new Member shall only be accepted by unanimous agreement of all

Committee Members. His or her name shall then be circularized to the

Membership six weeks prior to ratification of his or her membership by the

Committee. If there should be any objection by the Membership to his or her

acceptance, that objection will be considered by the Committee and their

decision will be final.

All successful applicants must be prepared to serve as an officer of the club

and/or present a paper to the Fellowship at some time during their membership.

4.There shall be a Senior Membership category. Fellows to whom this

category applies shall be exempted from the "four meetings" rule and shall be

charged at a rate determined by the committee for each meeting that they

attend. Such Fellows shall not retain voting rights. They will receive

notification of meetings at the start of the season but not notification

of each meeting. Applications to join this category may be received from any

Member retiring from practice or over the age of sixty before the start of the

season, and shall require the unanimous approval of the Committee before being

granted. This category shall not be compulsory for any Member. The number of

Senior Members shall be unlimited. At the beginning of each season, Senior

members shall indicate their willingness to continue their senior membership. Senior

members who do not attend any meetings in a two year cycle will be deemed to have

allowed their membership to lapse unless they indicate otherwise to the secretary.

5.Under exceptional circumstances the committee may consider the granting of

a 'Sabbatical year' on payment of a nominal fee, decided

periodically by Committee and ratified by the membership. The granting of

the Sabbatical year to a member shall be reviewed by the committee annually.

Article 4 – COMMITTEE

1. The Committee shall consist of President, President-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer,

Immediate Past President and three other Members

2. The President shall hold office for one year and other Committee Members for

three years.

3. The Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected annually, but it is expected that

holders of these posts will serve for three years.

4. The term served by an Officer can be in addition to his or her maximum

term as a Committee Member.

Article 5 – MEETINGS

1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in April whenever possible.

2. A quorum for the AGM shall be a minimum of one-half of the Membership.

3. Six meetings per year shall be held, usually on the third Tuesday of the

months of October, November, January, February, March and April.

4. Normally, four meetings shall be addressed by external speakers and

the two remaining meetings by Members of the Fellowship, one of

which shall be the President.

5. An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Committee,

giving a minimum of six weeks' notice to the Membership.

6. Individual guests shall not be admitted more than twice in any one

season. The member introducing the guest shall be responsible for the guest fee.

The said fee shall be set by the committee and is payable at the meeting

attended by the guest.

7. Any change in the Constitution requires a two-thirds majority vote of all

Members present. Notice of any proposed change in the Constitution must

be sent to all Members six weeks prior to the AGM.


1. The annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee from time

to time, and shall be approved each year at the AGM.

2. Annual subscriptions are due by the end of the first meeting of the season.

Any subscriptions received after this time will be subject to an additional payment

of 10% of the annual subscription. If any subscription is two or more months in

arrears, the Committee shall have the power to expel that Member.

3. In the event of the termination of the Fellowship, any residual funds

remaining after meeting all liabilities shall be distributed by the Committee to

bodies which most nearly fulfill the aims of the Fellowship.

Article 7 – GENERAL

1. Members are expected to respect the rules and custom of our host

premises. Dress code is formal and for the opening meeting of the season

is usually Black Tie.

2. The Fellowship is an accredited CPD provider and members who attend the

lecture after dinner, sign the register of attendance and fill in the feedback

forms will be issued with their CPD certificates at the end of the season.