Member Subscriptions

LDF Members Fees:

The annual subscription for members at the LDF is £ 350.00 for 2018 - 2019. This covers the fees for all the 6 meetings in the year and has to be paid before the season starts.

Late Payment:

The annual subscription should be paid, in full before the first LDF meeting of the season. Failure to pay the fees by the first meeting incurs an additional 10% late penalty surcharge, increasing the annual subscription payable to £ 385.00 for 2018 - 2019.

Senior Member's Fees:

The senior member's fee is £ 40.00 per meeting per head, payable ahead of the meeting.

Guest Fees:

The guest fee is £ 40.00 per meeting per guest, payable by the inviting host LDF member ahead of the meeting.

Please note that guests cannot pay for their fees directly.

The inviting LDF hosts members are ultimately responsible for the payment of their guest's fees.


Payment should be made by BACS transfer (details provided on the original Membership Invoice or on request).

Please note that no other forms of payment will be accepted (including cash and cheques).