Past Presidents

2016/2017 Prof. Peter Fairbairn

18/10/2016 - President's Lecture: Peter Fairbairn
'New Material, New Protocol, Paradigm shift in True GBR'

08/11/2016 - Tif Qureshi
The Dahl Principle and the Concept of Interceptive Restorative Dentistry

17/01/2017 - Ross Hobson
Thoughts of a Bent Mind: The Meandering Tale of an Opinionated Sailor Who Shuffles Teeth

28/02/2017 - David Bloom, Naj Hussain and Bertie Napier
Member's Pearls: Various Lectures

21/03/2017 - David Winkler
Aesthetic Dentistry Lecture

18/04/2017 - Roberto Rossi
Periodontal Plastic Surgery: Aesthetic Muco-gingival Surgery

2015/2016 Dr Neeta Patel

Tuesday 13 Oct 2015 - Jonathan Britto
Non-surgical rejuvenation of the face: democratization or disaster?

Tuesday 10 Nov 2015 - Mike Polkey
Update on sleep apnoea: a physician's view

Tuesday 19 Jan 2016 - Tom Bereznecki
Avoiding occlusally related failures in dentistry

Tuesday 9 Feb 2016 - Aws Alani
Uneccessarily Destructive Dentistry: The Nuclear Option

Tuesday 15 Mar 2016 - Shanon Patel
Endo or Implants?

Tuesday 19 Apr 2016 - Andrew Dawood
Avoiding failure in implant practice - 'a personal view'

2014/2015 Asif Chatoo

Tuesday 14th October 2014 Dr Asif Chatoo
President Lecture

Tuesday 18th November 2014 Professor Andrew Eder
Decision making in the Management of Tooth Wear

Tuesday 21st January 2015 Dr Gillian Martin
The Taming of the Toxin

Tuesday 17th February 2015 Dr David Holmes
Challenges in the Maxilla: From Sinus Surgery to the High Lipline Smile - What's Possible?

Tuesday 17th March 2015 Dr Henri Thuau
3D Assessment Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery: Implications in Diagnosis and Treatment

Tuesday 21st April 2015 Dr Anil Shestra
The Fading Art of Overdentures and their Renaissance with Mini-Dental Implants

2013/2014 Dr Paul Baker

Tuesday 15th October 2013 Dr Alex Cash
Cleft lip and palate, a team game

Tuesday 19th November 2013 Mr Adam Searle
Surgeons or Hairdressers? A reflection on the evolution of plastic surgery

Tuesday 21st January 2014 Dr Nikolaos Tatarakis
Peri-implant diseases: Diagnosis and management

Tuesday 18th February 2014 Dr Simon Cunnington
Cone Beam CT and endodontic assessment

Tuesday 18th March 2014 Dr Paul Baker and Professor Ian Needleman
Periodontal Prognosis- Factors that influence, and influencing the factors

Tuesday 15th April 2014 Dr Mamaly Reshad
Occlusal failures in Impant dentistry

2012/2013 Dr Jay Padayachy

Tuesday 16th October 2012 Dr Nick Mohindra
The various applications of the Oralift appliance

Tuesday 20th November 2012 Dr Wyman Chan
Modern bleaching techniques

Tuesday 15th January 2013 Dr Claire Nightingale
Adult Orthodontics- new tricks for old(er) patients

Tuesday 19th February 2013 Dr Jimmy Makdissi
An insight into radiation dose and image quality-the factors that affect the balance

Tuesday 19th March 2013 Dr Jay Padayachy, Dr Bertie Napier, Dr Peter Fairbairn
Members Pearls

Tuesday 16th April 2013 Dr Julian Caplan
Minimum dentistry, maximum effect with in-surgery CadCam dentistry

2011/2012 Dr Zaki Kanaan

Tuesday 18th October 2011 Dr James Goolnik
Be Seen, Be Found, Be Talked About

Tuesday 15th November 2011 Professor Tara Renton
Prevention and management of iatrogenic inferior alveolar nerve injuries

Tuesday 17th January 2012 Dr James Russell
Less is More

Tuesday 21st February 2012 Dr Zaki Kanaan
Single Tooth Implants and Beyond

Tuesday 20th March 2012 Dr Chris Orr
Contemporary Approaches to Tooth Wear Management: minimising risk and invasiveness

Tuesday 17th April 2012 Dr Jason Smithson
Posterior Direct Restorations: Smart Solutions for Tough Economic Times

2010/2011 Dr Koray Feran

Tuesday 19th October 2010 Dr Sanjay Sethi
The pursuit of perfection

Tuesday 16th November 2010 Dr Seema Sharma
Care Quality Commission - Some simple steps to get ready for registration

Tuesday 18th January 2011 Professor Paul Sharpe
Dental stem cells, tooth repair and regeneration

Tuesday 15th February 2011 Dr Paul Grossman
TMD - The great imposter

Tuesday 15th March 2011 Dr Basil Mizahi
Use of a microscope in restorative dentistry

Tuesday 19th April 2011 Mr Abbad Toma
An edonasal view of the maxillary sinus

2009/2010 Dr David Bloom

Tuesday 20th October 2009 Dr David Bloom
Application of diagnostic techniques for multi-disciplinary dentistry

Tuesday 17th November 2009 Professor Zakrzeska
Facial pain-beyond atypical and splints

Tuesday 19th January 2010 Dr Tip Quereshi
Minimal invasion/maximum results using the Inman Alligner

Tuesday 16th February 2010 Dr Guy McLellan
Reconstruction of the severely atrophic maxilla with zygomatic implants

Tuesday 16th March 2012 Dr Ian Kerr
Use of fibre reinforced composit in restoratively compromised teeth

Tuesday 20th March 2010 Dr Tom Bereznicki
Emergence profile collapse

2008/2009 Dr Jose Souyave

Tuesda 21st October 2008 Dr Jose Souyave
Trigeminal nerve anatomy revisited

Tuesday 18th November 2008 Professor Nick Donos
Bone regeneration from experimental studies in clinical application

Tuesday 20th January 2009 Dr Eric Waites
The use and abuse of 2D and 3D digital imaging

Tuesday 17th February 2009 Dr Wayne Williams
Advanced local anaesthesia in modern dentistry

Tuesday 17th March 2009 Dr Asif Chatoo
Lingual orthodontics - past and present

Tuesday 21st April 2009 Dr Koray Feran
The sinus lift in modern dentistry

2008/2009 Dr George Anderson

Tuesday 16th October 2007 Dr Eddie Scher
Teeth in an hour - fact of fiction

Tuesday 20th November 2007 Dr Tim Hodgson
Oro-facial adverse effects of recreational and prescribed drugs.

Tuesday 18th Devember 2007 Dr Stephen Hancock
Christmas Spouse's Dinner

Tuesday 15th January 2008 Dr Mark Woolford
Resin Composite - some ways forward in clinical practice

Tuesday 19th February 2008 Dr Paul Baker
Periodontal surgery - when, where and how

Tuesday 18th March 2008 Mr Mehmet Manisali
Facial aesthetic surgery

Tuesday 15th April 2008 Dr Phil Marsden
The role of forensic odontology in the investigation of crime and human investigation.